The Anthony Story

To read this blog is to know me, or at least the positive side of me (When I am not ranting about advertising on my bananas—one, two, three).  Through this blog you can learn about my obsession with Green tea kitkats —one, two, and the proper way to eat them.  You will also learn about my connection to Japan, which started some twenty-five years ago in a small classroom in Hashimoto and has never stopped.

Most people at work think I should open a sandwich shop.  This is based on the well made sandwiches I bring, my attention to detail when constructing them,  and my insistence on heating them up in the toaster oven.  If you want to see what they are talking about, I suggest you search my blog and my instagram.

I love books and I am a voracious reader.  I used to list all the books I read in a year on a page like this one on my blog.  I gave it up because it did not generate any responses from people.  I even tried writing mini reviews.

I started taking cycling vacations a few years ago and that’s all I want to do now.  Unfortunately, they cost real money and I have to work to be able to afford them.  If you know of a way for this to change, please let me know as I could use a vacation.

Beyond that, things you should know about me include;

  • I love hockey, pizza, and beer.
  • I would love to be a published author and have had this dream for a long time.
  • I have a cat.  He’s black and is bilingual in Japanese and English.  He wakes me up every morning ……early.
  • I am an ESL teacher.  I teach people who come to Canada with the express purpose of learning some English, and going back to their countries.  I have met a lot of interesting people and learned lots of fascinating things about their cultures.  I have picked up a smattering of their words–mostly small talk and swearing.
  • I often write this blog before I go to sleep, and make terrible grammatical mistakes.  Luckily my girlfriend reads them just as they are published and sends me edits by text message.  If you get this blog via email, you’re probably getting the error filled ones.  Sorry.
  • I don’t sleep enough.
  • I am currently obsessed with A Million Little Things.  It is the Big Chill for my generation.

If there’s something else you’d like to know, just ask.  I might be inclined to answer…..or I may not.