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What Others Help Me Appreciate on Canada Day

Here it is Canada Day and I really haven’t done much reflecting. I’ve been alternating between productivity and procrastination all day.  Now, being mostly done, and having poured a beer, I guess I should get down to it. Like everyone, … Continue reading

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A Good Kind of Quiet

Friday had a weird component to it that only now, upon reflection, I understand as Today’s Perfect Moment. Upon further reflection, I wonder if those are the Most Perfect Moments. I work in a noisy environment. I don’t mean mechanically … Continue reading

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One Amongst Many

There are lots of candidates for Today’s Perfect Moment. I could choose the weather. Waking up early to a November snowfall was quite pretty–but the first ones always are.  Since I rarely ever pay attention to weather forecasts, this one … Continue reading

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Not Today’s Perfect Moment

What I am about to write is not Today’s Perfect Moment. It was definitely a moment, but beyond that I am a little unsure. I accompanied one of my co-workers to the subway. We have been on a hello, how … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Others

Today, I left work feeling giddy that the weekend was starting. Unlike the previous four days, I did not have to teach in the afternoon and I was leaving long before a number of colleagues. My giddiness turned to a … Continue reading

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Rain vs. Chocolate: Winner Take All

  Vying for the honour of being called Today’s Perfect Moment are two finalists. One After a week of oppressive heat that had me experience Japanese summer flashbacks, we got a Noah’s Ark amount of rain. I was in my … Continue reading

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The Inner Child

Today, totally without planning and possibly due to an error by the TTC which saw a subway car stop at the platform, not open its doors and drive away, I got on a subway completely decorated inside and out to … Continue reading

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Free as a Bird

Today’s Perfect Moment might be nothing more than timing. I saw a bird in the subway.  Since there are numerous entrances and since the next station south is above ground, that probably isn’t such a big deal. However, it got … Continue reading

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Spotted: A Bike Locker

With the weather getting better, my thoughts naturally turn to my bicycle and the joy of riding. Coincidently, I managed to rediscover the bike lockers (not locks, not stand, lockers) at my nearest subway station.  They certainly seem more secure … Continue reading

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A Splash of Colour on the Subway

There is really no halfway. On the subway, you either make eye contact or you don’t.  I tend to make eye contact, but mostly I am looking at the books people are reading.  I am not sure what it is … Continue reading

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