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A Break from the Noise

In light of the days events, writing about A Perfect Moment seems callous and is quite hard. The media and even the people around me are all talking about war and death.  Everyone is waiting for the Trump speech in … Continue reading

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Terrible Moment

This blog is not very political. The causes it champions are all related to my personal happiness. However, sometimes, it needs to stretch beyond that. Early this morning, I turned on the TV and I got to see a powerful … Continue reading

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Not Unexpected

It was predicted. It was not unexpected.  It was inevitable.  It was never beyond the realm of impossible.  It was quite a sight when I woke up in the morning.  If you think I am talking about Trump….you’re wrong. No, … Continue reading

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Discussions I Find Myself In

Today, I decided to take a look at my blog stats. These are the things I learned: Although I though I was rather prolific last year, I have already written more posts than I did last year. I have already … Continue reading

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