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When Shopping Goes Poorly

  I would be the first to admit that I don’t really like clothes shopping. I like shopping for books, cycling stuff, computers, tools, toys, and any number of other things, but not clothes.  Maybe it’s the fitting room experience.  … Continue reading

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Banana Kit Kat

One of my students went back to Japan to take part in a festival to celebrate adulthood.  It is a wonderful event with beautiful kimono.  I saw it a couple of times in Japan and always thought it was spectacular–at … Continue reading

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A Taste of Japan

This isn’t the first time I have posted pictures of my favourite Japanese chocolate. Much like the other times I was fortunate to find myself in possession of these beauties, they were a gift from one of my students. I … Continue reading

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June 28 2014 Non Shopping Benefits While Shopping

I seem to be going to Shopper’s Drug Mart a lot these days.  I guess the reasons are that I have a whole whack of Optimum points and they are open late.  Probably the latter reason is the more likely … Continue reading

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