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What Song Was That?

After my online teaching day was over, I decided to go out for a socially distanced walk.  It was raining a little and it was easy to stay the requested distance away from the very few people who were also … Continue reading

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A Quiet Lunch

There are times when I crave noise and chaos. At those moments, there probably is no better place to be than the teacher’s room at an ESL school.  The personalities which make up that room run the gamut from A … Continue reading

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Today, after a tasty afternoon beer that accompanied a stilted conversation that seemed to have no future, I was in need of some reflection. I found myself seated at a window on the world, looking out at the people passing … Continue reading

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The Accent of my Inner Voice

Yesterday I watched a film that I had, but never got around to watching. Someone had given me the DVD several years ago.  I had put on an out of the way shelf and forgotten about it.  It could be … Continue reading

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Statistically Speaking

Perhaps I shouldn’t look at the statistics that WP provides. It leads me to thinking weird things. When I read that back to myself, it is obvious that I had better explain myself.  I am not talking about the total … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business and Succumbing to Nostalgia

I am not really sure why I found myself in this situation today. I mean, I know I didn’t rake up all the leaves last fall, but I don’t know why.  Perhaps, I got lazy.  Perhaps, I was busy.  For … Continue reading

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How Long is 30 Minutes?

  A student from one of the classes I substituted for recently asked me “how long is half an hour?” Having patience, I quickly answered that it was 30 minutes.  I walked away from the encounter thinking I had answered … Continue reading

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June 10 2014 The Rewards of Teaching

Today was a day when I realized that all actions have consequences.  These consequences are neither wholly good, nor wholly bad.  Rather than leave home at the earliest possible moment I dawdled, hoping to talk to someone before I left.  … Continue reading

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