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Sunday Morning Cycling

While unable to make yesterday’s early morning ride, I somehow found the energy to struggle out of bed this morning. I suppose I have my cat to thank for that.  He pestered me for breakfast for more than half an … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Sunday’s Spectacle

Super Bowl Sunday Someone asked me on Friday what I thought about moving the Super Bowl to Saturday. Apparently, somewhere, someone took a poll and got a strong response to moving the game. The way I see it, there are … Continue reading

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Opting to Celebrate

It’s Sunday night and as an end to my weekend.  Rather than search for Today’s perfect moment, I am going to make it for myself.  A couple of Japanese chocolates should do the trick.  It’s much better to celebrate the weekend … Continue reading

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In Pen.

“You do the crossword in pen!?!” a colleague shouted, somewhat shocked, somewhat in awe–it might have been a question, but came out a bit like an accusation. I could have stumbled through my answer, or I could have answered with … Continue reading

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