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Something in the Air

Although I have written a few positive posts about my commute, I have written a lot more grouchy posts. Maybe it is the nature of commuting.  Whenever anyone asks me about my commute at work, I answer that it isn’t … Continue reading

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Not the Fast and Furious, but Rather the Weird and the Wild

Is it just me, or all bus rides full of weirdoes? I want to believe I am not alone, but sometimes it is so hard. Okay, I might have to allow that my threshold for weirdoes is quite low. What … Continue reading

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The Woman With The Painting

I am a victim of curiosity. I was on the bus, waiting for it to depart, and not really paying attention to my surroundings. After a week of disinterested reading, I finally found something that held my attention.  It was … Continue reading

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