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What I Woke Up To

I woke up to: Anticipation. It was the season opener for the Notre Dame football team.  While I have more anticipation for the Leafs opening game, this is good second one as far as sports is concerned.  I hadn’t done … Continue reading

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A Nice Day At Home

For the next couple of weeks, I am working a compressed work schedule. This means more teaching on the days I am at work, but also means more time off.  Today, was a day off. In the past, I used … Continue reading

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Food and Sleep

After a long week at work, a decent Saturday morning ride, and a bunch of Saturday afternoon errands I really was only thinking of a Sunday morning sleep-in. What I got was even better than that. I don’t normally sleep … Continue reading

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A Novel Way to Catch Some Shuteye

If you sit in the teacher’s room, you might think that the students’ goals, besides learning, are to frustrate and confuse the teacher. The truth is, more often than not, I really think they are trying to entertain me. If … Continue reading

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Tales from the ESL Teacher’s Room.

Teachers talk about their students. That is a given.  Sometime we complain about them, sometimes we praise them, and sometimes we are completely baffled by them.  This is considered normal venting for a teacher.  It is mostly harmless.  If you … Continue reading

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Sleeping on the Bus

Falling asleep on public transportation has its drawbacks. These include missing your destination, dropping some of your stuff on the bus floor, which might mean breaking the item or forgetting it when you need to leave the bus.  Additionally, snoring … Continue reading

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