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Overcoming Transit Woes

On a day that featured transportation problems both going to and leaving work, I truly needed a Perfect Moment to rescue me from the grumpy moods I was bound to be in. Luckily, I found one at each end of … Continue reading

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Spotted: A Bike Locker

With the weather getting better, my thoughts naturally turn to my bicycle and the joy of riding. Coincidently, I managed to rediscover the bike lockers (not locks, not stand, lockers) at my nearest subway station.  They certainly seem more secure … Continue reading

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The Woman With The Painting

I am a victim of curiosity. I was on the bus, waiting for it to depart, and not really paying attention to my surroundings. After a week of disinterested reading, I finally found something that held my attention.  It was … Continue reading

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The Amazing Story of Ducks, Phone Calls, and Airplanes

I don’t know how much stock I put in destiny or fate, or whatever it is called. When one looks at a series of events that lead up to a big event, it seems so easy to dissect and give … Continue reading

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Hey Commuter

  Hey commuter.   No, not you.  Not the commuter who sits behind the wheel cursing the bad drivers, the stupid drivers, and the drivers who should just get moving instead of riding their brakes.  Not you who can’t find a … Continue reading

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