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A Funny Story

And today we will barbecue.  When I type it like that, it sounds so momentous and profound, or at least as profound as grilling meat can be.  Though it really isn’t me, I have seen people take it to an … Continue reading

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Trees at Night

It was a tough teaching day. It seemed to drag on forever and I was feeling pretty tired when I got on the bus to go home.  It didn’t help that there was an accident somewhere up the road slowing … Continue reading

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And So I Walked

The therapy for leg, according to my doctor, is walk.  I was feeling a bit of cabin fever, so that is what I did.  As it turns out, it was a beautiful, not like winter at all, kind of day.  … Continue reading

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Becky at beckysopenbook was kind enough to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger award.  Even kinder, she did not burden me with a bunch of rules and regulations.  She merely asked for a sunshine story and some pictures.  How could … Continue reading

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Vacation Beer

Whenever I travel, I try and sample the local brew.  I am not here to review it, but rather show you a collection of pictures.  It isn’t fair to review vacation beer because it always tastes better than regular beer–don’t … Continue reading

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More Pictures for my Walls

  I wouldn’t call myself much of a photographer, but thanks to a decent amount of travel, I have taken a decent amount of photos. Thanks to inspiration and pure luck, I have also taken a few good photographs.  I … Continue reading

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Ice and Everything After

I went out for a walk yesterday, armed  with only the camera on my phone.  It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining, and people getting back to normal after the late winter/early spring snow.  What I saw struck … Continue reading

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And So Winter Finally Arrived

Having seen some beautiful pictures taken by Celia in Tokyo, the two of us engaged in a short conversation about snow and snow covered cities.  Whenever I see pictures of Japan in the snow, they seem somewhat different.  I am … Continue reading

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