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A Love for Japanese Films

I am not really an aficionado of Japanese films. I’ve probably seen more of them than any other non English language films–unless dubbed kung-fu movies count–but I am no expert. Also, except for a few films I managed to see … Continue reading

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A Night at the Movies

A long time ago….or maybe it was a little while ago. In actual fact, I don’t really remember when–but I remember the conversation quite clearly–my girlfriend wondered if I would go see Little Women with her.  At the time, I … Continue reading

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The Accent of my Inner Voice

Yesterday I watched a film that I had, but never got around to watching. Someone had given me the DVD several years ago.  I had put on an out of the way shelf and forgotten about it.  It could be … Continue reading

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A Quiet Night

With the rise of craft brewing, and the plethora of choices it has produced, the naming of beer has transcended marketing to be more on par with Roller Derby names or WWE characters. Perhaps it’s best if we don’t take … Continue reading

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I was inspired to write this post because I caught a bit of St. Elmo’s Fire on TV the other day, and wanted to watch the whole thing.  I had already seen the movie, but it was so long ago … Continue reading

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The Weekend’s Perfect Moments

  First and foremost, I have to apologize to anyone coming to this blog thinking that they were going to get “today’s” Perfect Moment. Since I haven’t had time to write since Thursday, I had to make some choices.  I … Continue reading

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A Misnomer If There Ever Was One

  On the radio and in the newspaper the powers that be have dubbed this “Blue Monday.” The idea being that this is the most depressing day of the year.   Really?  Today?  People who can’t get the weather right or … Continue reading

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Cagney Double Bill

Having arrived home late last night, I was too tired to post yesterday’s Perfect Moment. That isn’t really a bad thing because it gave me a little time to reflect on it.  As many bloggers will attest, reflection pre and … Continue reading

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The Ballerina

Life isn’t a movie, though sometimes it does resemble one. There are moments in movies when natural life seems so well captured.  The reverse is also true.  There are moments in real life when real life seems so much more … Continue reading

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June 21, 2014 I Didn’t See It Coming

  I like movies.  That’s a pretty bold statement for a guy who doesn’t have Netflix (yet), but I think it’s true.  I find a way to watch a lot of movies.  The truth is, I fell in love with … Continue reading

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