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What I Woke Up To

I woke up to: Anticipation. It was the season opener for the Notre Dame football team.  While I have more anticipation for the Leafs opening game, this is good second one as far as sports is concerned.  I hadn’t done … Continue reading

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Back on the Bike

So, cleat changed, body still suffering from a bit of a cold, and rusty from 16 days off the bike, I headed out to a special group ride. This Monday was a civic holiday.  Where I live it is Simcoe … Continue reading

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Why Canadians Celebrate Thanksgiving in October

Honestly, I don’t’ know. I always believed that it was because it got colder here sooner, so the harvest happened earlier and therefore Thanksgiving started earlier. It sounds logical, and might in fact be true.  However, there might be more … Continue reading

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Setting the Alarm

And so the long weekend is over. I suppose I should question whether I used my time well. I suppose I should ask myself if I could have spent the day any better. I suppose I could have. I could … Continue reading

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No Need To Set The Alarm

I was doing all those things I normally do on a Sunday night.  I reached for the alarm clock to check the alarm time.  Over the weekend, I set it later than during the week.  During the week, I have … Continue reading

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You are a Magnificent Creature

  I hadn’t felt the vibration of my cell phone.  The reasons for this are either the fact that it rings so infrequently that I can’t recognize when it is happening or I frequently leave it somewhere, only to come … Continue reading

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Not Finding the Perfect

  When you have a long weekend it is hard to find fault with it. When you have a day when you’d normally be working but you aren’t, it is hard to find fault with it.  If you have a … Continue reading

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Perfection Thy Name is Stubble

The time for bed has come and gone and the long weekend is drawing to a close. Work (involuntary shudder) looms ever so clearly on the horizon.  I sit at this keyboard reflecting on the “super moon” (bright, but not … Continue reading

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June 30, 2014: Perfectly Empty

For those who don’t know, tomorrow is Canada’s birthday.  That means Tuesday is a holiday.  In most cases in Canada, we try to organize our holidays so they occur on a Monday or Friday.  This provides everyone with a long … Continue reading

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