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A New Picture

A little while ago, I posted a picture my student drew of me. It was a quick sketch, but I think it captured me quite well.  I thought she showed quite a bit of talent and other people reacted quite … Continue reading

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Free as a Bird

Today’s Perfect Moment might be nothing more than timing. I saw a bird in the subway.  Since there are numerous entrances and since the next station south is above ground, that probably isn’t such a big deal. However, it got … Continue reading

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Finding Common Ground

Though I could have chosen hitting the snooze button a bunch of extra times, or the extra time I had to enjoy my coffee this morning, I have decided to select something else as Today’s Perfect Moment. Without further adieu, … Continue reading

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A Weekend Book Review

Before I start this post, there ate two things you should know. The first is that I am not a book blogger or book reviewer.  I like books but I rarely read reviews.  I pick them off the shelf at … Continue reading

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Japanese TV…More than Crazy Stunts and Screams

Today’s Perfect Moment is a moment of taking in some Japanese TV programs. When a lot of people think about Japanese TV, they have the image of whacky game shows where people slip and slide all over.  They think of … Continue reading

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A Gospel Choir of One

  In truth there is no shortage of characters on my bus route. I have written about the ballerina, the balloon carrier, the two fisted energy drinker and dozens of others.  They were somewhat mysterious and invigorating.  Others, like the … Continue reading

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When One Inspires

  I had Thai food yesterday, which could have easily qualified as a Perfect Moment. It was spicy and delicious and the restaurant was pretty without being ostentatious. (funny aside, I had a bit of a brain lapse and spelled … Continue reading

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When Students Ask About Snow

    Maybe one of the best things about teaching students from countries around the world is that they can marvel at things you take for granted in your own country–they can be incredibly harsh and critical too, but we’ll … Continue reading

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It Could Have Been Anywhere

In the song Helpless by Neil Young, he sang that “there is a town in north Ontario…all of my changes were there.”  I have always found that line beautiful.  It acknowledges a place as the instigator of growth.  It acknowledges … Continue reading

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The Japan KitKat Phenomenon

The Japanese Kit Kat Phenomenon (JKKP) is pretty much all over the internet.  There are hundreds of videos on YouTube and probably quite a few blogs written about it.  Yes, there are lots of KitKat flavours in Japan.  This is … Continue reading

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