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The Grey Cup

Today’s Perfect Moment is the simple joy of watching football with my family. Today was the 107th Grey Cup–that is the championship for Canadian, 3-down, football.  As is often the case, I spent it with my father and brother watching … Continue reading

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A Little Mischief

According to my mother, I was not a bad child. As far as my teachers were concerned, I had a stubborn streak, was a little precocious, was rather defiant, and had a temper.  I guess mothers can see beyond all … Continue reading

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A Bag Spawns Thoughts Literary

When I read the book Time Was Soft There, I felt a kind of kinship with The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. I cannot say if it was because of the writing, or just the idea of the place spoke to … Continue reading

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Ode to the Humble Bookmark

I certainly don’t approve of dog eared paged. I don’t hate the people who do this, I just won’t lend them any of my books. I am a bookmark user through and through. If I had nothing to serve as … Continue reading

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The Story Behind the Cake Box

Not getting a seat on the bus, though rare for me, is both frustrating and eye opening. When seated, I usually face forward, catching glimpses of people in my peripheral vision. The negative of standing, besides being more tiring after … Continue reading

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