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Happy Friday Everyone

I used to have a coworker who would say this every Friday morning.  Sometimes it was sarcastic and sometimes quite genuine–I also had a coworker who called Thursday Friday Junior–but that is another story. On both Friday and Monday, I … Continue reading

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Something in the Air

Although I have written a few positive posts about my commute, I have written a lot more grouchy posts. Maybe it is the nature of commuting.  Whenever anyone asks me about my commute at work, I answer that it isn’t … Continue reading

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It Was That Kind of Day

Today was a beautiful Spring day. I saw people: walking dogs wearing shorts eating ice cream cones walking with a little spring in their step waiting at stoplights without shivering construction crews in lighter clothing flowers being sold at the … Continue reading

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The Power of the Puppy

It really won’t matter if you are a cat person or a dog person or a no animals person. You should find something warm in this post. I got on the subway after work, much like I always do. It … Continue reading

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Happiness Arithmetic: Easier Than Algebra

  And one day the student shall become the teacher. As I became a teacher (sometimes joyfully, sometime begrudgingly, sometimes with a clear view of the irony and karmic significance), this saying is somewhat prophetic.  However, in it’s less literal … Continue reading

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An Award Update and Encouragement

I just wanted to do two things. Thank everyone for their positive comments on the Promotion of Positive Spirit Award.  I want to especially thank Quinn, who selflessly created a fantastic graphic that you can now post on your site.  … Continue reading

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My Eyes in the Eye of the Beholder

She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Your eyes make sweet dreams when I sleep.” These were the words of student of mine to me.  Her English level is low, so I might be doing a little bit … Continue reading

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September 9: State of the Blog

I’ve been writing about the day’s perfect moments for months now, and there is a lot that has become quite obvious.  If you’ve been reading these posts (or gone back and sampled a few) it might be obvious to you … Continue reading

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August 19, 2014: Outside the Comfort Zone with Gnocchi, Beer and Friend

It was an Italian restaurant, cleverly disguising itself as a bakery, with small tables in a series of rooms entered in from off the main street that I found myself and a friend in today.  The workday was over, but … Continue reading

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June 24 2014 An unedited person

How long is a moment?  There might be some scientific way, and probably some pseudo-scientific way to measure it, but I can’t really see the point.  After fifty posts (I was surprised that it had been that many) I can … Continue reading

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