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I last got a haircut before my trip to Colombia.  I expected the temperature to be warmer there and despite the minimal protection my hair gives me from the sun, I was hoping it would be cooler. The week that … Continue reading

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Overcoming Bummers

I don’t really care who cuts my hair. On only one occasion in the past ten years have I left the barber shop feeling like I won the lottery.  Probably if I were genetically blessed with better hair, or if … Continue reading

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Making Someone’s Day

Today was haircut day. And while I did get the most attractive hair stylist, that is not Today’s Perfect Moment.  Also, she did not manage to make me look like Brad Pitt, so that isn’t the Perfect Moment either.  The … Continue reading

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Learning Opportunities Abound

The world is full of wonderful and odd ways to learn things.  I guess that was the basis for the novel Q&A (also known as Slumdog Millionaire).  As a teacher, I have tried to impress upon my students that there … Continue reading

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July 11, 2014 Therapeutic Moments of Sun and Snips

Today, a little after five o’clock, I exited the barber shop into the bright sunshine of late afternoon.  All the troubles and frustration of the day seemed to melt away, and I finally felt like the weekend had arrived.  Seems … Continue reading

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