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Bittersweet Saturday Morning

For quite some time now, Saturday morning has meant a good breakfast and coffee. It is the time that I can make and enjoy more cups of coffee than I can during the work week.  I have the time to … Continue reading

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An Encounter with Muji

Decades ago, when I lived in Japan, various satirical magazines often made fun of what we termed Japanese English or Janglish. These were translation mistakes or misuses of English (intentional or unintentional) that appeared everywhere. They could be boldly emblazoned … Continue reading

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Modern Technology

  It is, perhaps, too early in the day to decide on Today’s Perfect Moment, but it is certainly the right time to write Today’s Oddest moment. This moment comes to you courtesy of modern technology. I am no Luddite, … Continue reading

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With the Best of Intentions

I am not sure this picture caught it well, and I had to rush to get my camera on, but basically, someone put a planter exactly where the bus door opens–two planters in fact.  Not only that, but the plants … Continue reading

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Japanese TV…More than Crazy Stunts and Screams

Today’s Perfect Moment is a moment of taking in some Japanese TV programs. When a lot of people think about Japanese TV, they have the image of whacky game shows where people slip and slide all over.  They think of … Continue reading

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Not Your Ordinary Stretch Limo

  When I got to my bus stop, there was only one other person left on the bus. I told her that the bus was all hers.  I thought this was a cute remark and hoped for a laugh.  She … Continue reading

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When Students Ask About Snow

    Maybe one of the best things about teaching students from countries around the world is that they can marvel at things you take for granted in your own country–they can be incredibly harsh and critical too, but we’ll … Continue reading

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Sharing a Comic Strip

While reading a recent cycling magazine, they featured a comic written for cyclists and cycle commuters.  I found it funny enough that I wanted to share it with you–especially those of you who cycle.  I am not saying every strip … Continue reading

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