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Beaches to Bars

HaveOur next day, and last full day in Puerto Viejo, was a relaxing beach day. Apparently, there was enough money in the budget to rent bikes for everyone and head to Manzanillo beach. It wasn’t a great distance away, but … Continue reading

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Surf’s Up!

Ever since I was young, I have thought surfing was cool. I saw it in movies and TV; everything from Beach Blanket Bingo to the North Shore, Point Break–I could go on and on….actually, come to think of it, I … Continue reading

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Leftover Perfection

Snow has started to fall again and though I never expect November snow to stick around, it seems as though it might. Before I regale you with pictures of winter and snow, because rest assured I can, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Beating Winter

Yesterday, I took the opportunity to travel the roads less traveled between my house and the sprawling suburb known as Oshawa–they might not like this term, but since their cars jam up the highway on any given day, they deserve … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Winter

I forgot my phone and had to run back to my house to get it. If I didn’t have to enter my work hours, or keep up several games of Words with Friends, I probably would have left it and … Continue reading

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Not Your Ordinary Stretch Limo

  When I got to my bus stop, there was only one other person left on the bus. I told her that the bus was all hers.  I thought this was a cute remark and hoped for a laugh.  She … Continue reading

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Make my Burrito: A Treatise on Abdicating my Assembling Responsibilities

Lately, I have become somewhat addicted to burritos. I think I have had one at least once a week for the past two months. The problem, though some might see it as an advantage, is that you have to instruct … Continue reading

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I Missed the Bike Show

The Toronto International Bike show has come and gone (and besides wondering why International has to be in the title) …. I didn’t attend. Yes, that’s right.  I didn’t go. I was planning on going, but I thought about it … Continue reading

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The Third Beer in PEI

Another day and another beer.  A casual reader would think this blog is called beer of the day–which wouldn’t be a bad thing.  There is probably already a blog or YouTube page like that.  On top of that, I would … Continue reading

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August 27, 2014: Playing and Winning

When I started playing darts I didn’t think about the competitive aspect of it.  I just wanted to play darts, meet people and drink beer.  I am not even sure of the order of those priorities.  Thanks to my diet, … Continue reading

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