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A Question for WordPress

I am sorry to ask this question here, but I haven’t found a place to ask questions or give feedback out the block editor. I hope some of you could point me in the right direction. I am not complaining … Continue reading

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Once More to the Mall

I went into a shopping mall for the first time since February. I had visited one sometime before my vacation, but I arrived back just in time for things to be locked down. I heard the malls were open, but … Continue reading

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A Moment Away from the Class

If you’ve never done it, and by it I mean teaching, you might not identify with all aspects of it.  You might understand the joy of getting through to that notoriously difficult or rather uninspired student.  It’s happened in enough … Continue reading

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Silver Lining?

Even when you win, you lose. Sorry, but there is no way I can manipulate this into a Perfect Moment.  I could easily dub this a horrific moment.  If you can somehow find the silver lining in this, please let … Continue reading

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Hey Commuter

  Hey commuter.   No, not you.  Not the commuter who sits behind the wheel cursing the bad drivers, the stupid drivers, and the drivers who should just get moving instead of riding their brakes.  Not you who can’t find a … Continue reading

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My Love/Hate Relationship with IKEA

Yes. Just like the title says.  I have a love hate relationship with IKEA.  There is not way around this.  So, let’s break it down. The Love Some interesting and cool/quirky furniture and stuff. Occasionally some decent prices on that … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Interrupted

While this isn’t always the case, I have a certain expectation of how Saturday is supposed to work. I expect to get up, make more coffee than I normally have time to drink, eat sugary cereals and look through the … Continue reading

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The State of My Cycling–Adversity Builds Character…At least I Hope So.

I can’t lie to you all. It has been a couple of tough outings on the bike. Long time readers (I assume there are a couple of them) will know that I joined a cycling club to get out there … Continue reading

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Free Cookies Foil Frustration

The other day (Wednesday) they were handing out cookies to people as I got off the bus and was headed toward the subway.  I passed two people doing this job and ended up with three cookies–one person had a strict … Continue reading

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The Sharp End of the Dart

Playing darts is like any other leisure activity.  It can be fun, it can be dull and it can be frustrating,  Without boring anyone of the particulars of darts or my (relatively recent) participation in a darts league I must … Continue reading

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