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Amazing Vietnam Photos

For those of you who have been following the blog lately, you’ll know that I recently took an amazing cycling trip to Vietnam.  I enjoyed showing you some of my photos and relating my experience.  Your response has been overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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Today’s Perfect Mantra

What is that old expression about a thousand monkeys typing at a thousand typewriters….they would eventually produce every single one of Shakespeare’s sonnets? I understand that the point is that something that could happen, statistically, probably, will eventually happen. I … Continue reading

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Near Television Perfection

Long time readers might remember a short piece I wrote about the TV show Family Ties. It was way back in January and I had managed to record the Alex falls in love with Ellen episodes. (Please click here if … Continue reading

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“You’re Brilliant,” she said.

I teach adults…kind of. What that means is that I teach people who are either independent, or whose parents felt comfortable enough to send them to a different continent to study English.  I have no complaints about this. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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