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The Inner Child

Today, totally without planning and possibly due to an error by the TTC which saw a subway car stop at the platform, not open its doors and drive away, I got on a subway completely decorated inside and out to … Continue reading

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My Financial Acumen

Today’s Perfect Moment is not what it seems. It wasn’t this lunch.  Well, it was kind of this lunch, but it wasn’t this lunch.  Have I confused you enough?  That’s good, because I am confusing myself. The lunch itself was … Continue reading

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August 17, 2014: Reisting the Impulse Buy

I have an old TV.  It isn’t ancient by any means, but it is nothing like new TVs.  It isn’t an LED or LCD.  It isn’t even plasma.  There is nothing “smart” about it.  However, like I said, it still … Continue reading

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