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My Mind Shrugged

Today’s Perfect Moment is a moment that most people wouldn’t dare nominate for the prestigious title. Even before you get to it, based on the picture, you’re probably shaking your head.  I don’t blame you.  I need to turn the … Continue reading

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Dark Skies Retreat

It is not wrong to say that the reveal is everything. Take any dramatic moment and it is that change from not knowing to knowing, from not seeing to seeing, or from naïveté to knowledge.  From this abstract we can … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

I need a more positive synonym for strange. You see, Monday was strange, but I don’t want Monday to detract from the idea of perfect.  Besides, it isn’t like Monday was STRANGE.  Monday wasn’t STRANGE.  Monday was strange.  The funny … Continue reading

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The Road Not Lit

I’d like to set the scene for you, if I may.  I was almost ready to head to the bus stop to start the daily commute.  My coffee was drunk, teeth were brushed, lunch packed, book suitably bookmarked, vitamins either … Continue reading

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August 12, 2014: Even Days Have Mood Swings

Looking out the window of the classroom, hoping that the students were too preoccupied with some grammar point, I caught several glimpses of Today’s Perfect Moment.  At first the sky was a brilliant blue–the kind of blue makes you think … Continue reading

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