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Just Because

Is it wrong that Today’s Perfect Moment is a quick snack.  I’ve been feeling bogged down at work and I turned to junk food for a pick me up.  There are probably better things that could have done the trick….but … Continue reading

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What Trumps a Beautiful Sunrise

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. I remember that line being uttered by James Garner in the movie The Great Escape. It has always stuck with me and in the morning I was … Continue reading

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Rain vs. Chocolate: Winner Take All

  Vying for the honour of being called Today’s Perfect Moment are two finalists. One After a week of oppressive heat that had me experience Japanese summer flashbacks, we got a Noah’s Ark amount of rain. I was in my … Continue reading

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The Snow Danced

It is not often that perfect moments happen in the morning. It is, after all, morning.  However, yesterday was an exception worth noting. I alit from the bus last because I had become absorbed in my book and needed time … Continue reading

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Making It a Meal?

Today’s Perfect Moment is the cookie you see above. It was a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.  It was absolutely delicious and came with a twin brother.  Did I deserve them?  No, probably not.  Okay, definitely not, what with all … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookies

I have complained before about the lack of fortune in my fortune cookie,  There have even been better fortunes in my cough candies (see here).  However, very recently I got these.  Looks like my life is going to get interesting.

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The Force Was with Me.

Today’s Perfect Moment should have been seeing Star Wars with my friends. It was an enjoyable evening at the movies that even spilling my rootbeer on my favourite shirt couldn’t dampen. In most circumstances, I would not hesitate to write (spoiler … Continue reading

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Free Cookies Foil Frustration

The other day (Wednesday) they were handing out cookies to people as I got off the bus and was headed toward the subway.  I passed two people doing this job and ended up with three cookies–one person had a strict … Continue reading

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