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The Kindness of Others

Today, I left work feeling giddy that the weekend was starting. Unlike the previous four days, I did not have to teach in the afternoon and I was leaving long before a number of colleagues. My giddiness turned to a … Continue reading

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I have been suffering as of late from some sort of leg issue. I won’t go into any detail, as I hope it will be fully diagnosed and on the way to recovery quite soon.  However, it has kept me … Continue reading

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With the Best of Intentions

I am not sure this picture caught it well, and I had to rush to get my camera on, but basically, someone put a planter exactly where the bus door opens–two planters in fact.  Not only that, but the plants … Continue reading

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Cameraderie on the Commute

I frequently write about my commutes because they are often filled with interesting characters, (beautiful, frustrating, or weird) or they are composed of somewhat undecipherable random events. Though this might give you a rather skewed view of my ride to … Continue reading

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When it Rains…..

Today’s Perfect Moment is the smell of rain. In my somewhat tired and sore state, I will do my best to explain it to you. By some mysterious grace of the universe, I was spared the drenching that accompanies the … Continue reading

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Neon Mornings

As result of daylight savings time, mornings that had finally been showing wonderful signs of dawn have now been plunged back into darkness. Storefronts are signs that had paled in the early morning light once again shine bright, advertising their … Continue reading

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A Sunrise Gift

On Friday morning, not having taken the early morning bus for quite some time, I was given a beautiful surprise.  I looked up from the book I was reading, which had been quite engrossing, and was greeted by the beautiful … Continue reading

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So, Universe. I’ve got some questions.

How do you respond to life’s little coincidences? I ask this, hoping we can, at least for the time being, set aside the debate as to whether there can be little or big coincidences. You’re probably wondering where all this … Continue reading

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The Road Not Lit

I’d like to set the scene for you, if I may.  I was almost ready to head to the bus stop to start the daily commute.  My coffee was drunk, teeth were brushed, lunch packed, book suitably bookmarked, vitamins either … Continue reading

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What Happens When One Encounters Balloons

How a day starts, is really no indication of how it will end.  It isn’t even an indication of how it will be a couple of hours later.  Sometimes, things come at you, right out of the blue.  They might … Continue reading

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