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The Characters That I Work With

When I wrote about the KISS play set and my diverse co-workers, I am sure some of the readers had some doubts about my words.  We’re all prone to exaggeration.  Why would I be any different? I could reiterate my stance … Continue reading

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I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night

I am an ESL teacher. ESL teachers are an odd bunch.  There are nerdy ones.  There are geeky ones.  There are those that love grammar and those that want to teach “how we really speak.”  There are introverts and extroverts.  … Continue reading

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A Quick Book Review

I finished The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker. I picked it up because the title intrigued me.  I was in the library and it jumped out at me.  Before reading the jacket, I thought it would be a book about … Continue reading

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A Gospel Choir of One

  In truth there is no shortage of characters on my bus route. I have written about the ballerina, the balloon carrier, the two fisted energy drinker and dozens of others.  They were somewhat mysterious and invigorating.  Others, like the … Continue reading

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A Recent Read

I read a lot of books about Japan and people’s experiences in Japan.  I also read books in which Japan is the setting for the story.  I am drawn to them and I spend a fair amount of time searching … Continue reading

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Characters from the Commute

Commuting is not the way to see people.  You never see them at their best.  In the morning they are barely awake, angrily clutching their coffee holders.  The women’s makeup might still be in their purse instead of their face.  … Continue reading

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