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A Job Well Done

You know that part of the airplane journey where the captain comes on over the loudspeaker and tells you about the flight you are going to take. The Captain predicts the flying time, claims that we are going to be … Continue reading

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When It Really Matters

Today’s Perfect Moment is the unselfishness of others. As you might have read, the weather has been terrible.  There’s snow and ice everywhere.  The main streets are clear, but the side streets have not been plowed. Maybe the equipment is … Continue reading

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A Momentary Reverie

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Proust started his famous work with a memory triggered by the aroma of fresh baked bread. (I could be mistaken because, despite my literary bent, I have not tackled the book yet. I am … Continue reading

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Perfect Indignation

Today’s Perfect Moment is a strange one. Having read my previous posts, you might conclude that for me to call it strange, it must really be out there.  I am not sure that is the case.  It was just one … Continue reading

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