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Champions Day

Today was the Raptor’s celebration parade. I couldn’t go, but that didn’t stop me from getting a taste of what was happening. My bus seemed more crowded than usual. I didn’t really put two and two together until I realized, … Continue reading

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Growing Enthusiasm

I’ve written before about choosing birthday gifts. In those posts, I wrote about gifts for my youngest niece and nephews.  I want to buy them every toy in the toy store and luckily, they want ever toy in the toy … Continue reading

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So That’s What 900 Feels Like

It wasn’t until after I finished writing the blog–several hours after–that I realized I had hit a kind of milestone. The last blog was my 900th blog.  I know, I know, 1000 is the milestone and 900 is just the … Continue reading

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A Winning Smile

I am sure if I read many of the posts from Canadians today, the topic of legalized marijuana would be a popular one. Although, if they are writing from Ontario, they might be critical of the province’s preparation and readiness.  … Continue reading

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Catching Raindrops

  For reasons not worth going into, today was a bit of a bummer.  However, I did managed to find something to smile about. I never knew that a spider’s web could catch raindrops, let alone suspend them in droplet … Continue reading

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Smile Like You Know Me

  Today’s Perfect Moment is smiles. Twice today people smiled at me like they knew me, when I am quite certain that they didn’t.  My memory for people is not great since the sheer number of students I have had … Continue reading

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A Cyclist’s Smile

I got off the bus and realized that the world had turned green.  Perhaps I should have noticed it from the bus window, but between the book, the sleeping, and the interesting commuters (drunk and fighting, drunk and mumbling, loud … Continue reading

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The Power of the Puppy

It really won’t matter if you are a cat person or a dog person or a no animals person. You should find something warm in this post. I got on the subway after work, much like I always do. It … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

While walking, whether it be to the library, the Asian grocery store, through the parks and trails of my small town, or to the bus stop, I often come across things that set my imagination alight. This morning, before the … Continue reading

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A Perfect Moment on the TTC

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) doesn’t really have a good reputation. The system is plagued by outdated equipment, poorly designed stations, inefficiency, and a bad reputation.  They have hired someone to turn the thing around, and I think it is … Continue reading

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