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Seeing Through Someone-else’s Eyes

Going for a walk, despite its physical distancing obstacles, can still be great.  For me, it isn’t as great as going for a bike ride, but that isn’t a fair comparison.  When the bike is really humming, you might appreciate … Continue reading

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Special Blogger

Claudette over at Writer of Words, Etc. Blog awarded me the Special Blogger Award. I appreciate the thought, and I am going to do my best to live up to some of what she has asked. Generally these things come … Continue reading

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Rejecting the Predictable

These days, if you’re hungry and you’re not looking for a fancy sit down meal, it’s pretty easy to succumb to a fast food choice, or maybe a fast casual choice. Its taste will be predictable and there is something … Continue reading

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Where Can I Drive Your Glasses?

On the eve of Weed Day (I’m not sure if I should even capitalize that…after tomorrow, a whole bunch of lazy people aren’t going to bother….) I am blessed with choices for Today’s Perfect Moment. From them all, I choose … Continue reading

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I have been suffering as of late from some sort of leg issue. I won’t go into any detail, as I hope it will be fully diagnosed and on the way to recovery quite soon.  However, it has kept me … Continue reading

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