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It Strikes Me as Odd

It strikes me as odd that I should wake up three days in a row, in May, to snow.  While I often revel in the idea of living in the Great White North, I do like my spring and summer.  … Continue reading

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Back on the Bike

So, cleat changed, body still suffering from a bit of a cold, and rusty from 16 days off the bike, I headed out to a special group ride. This Monday was a civic holiday.  Where I live it is Simcoe … Continue reading

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In the Classroom

There was a light cascade of snow to complicate and complement my early morning walk to the bus stop. Its drops were so fine only the light from the streetlamps illuminated it.  Rather than get bogged down in thoughts of … Continue reading

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Catching Raindrops

  For reasons not worth going into, today was a bit of a bummer.  However, I did managed to find something to smile about. I never knew that a spider’s web could catch raindrops, let alone suspend them in droplet … Continue reading

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Smile Like You Know Me

  Today’s Perfect Moment is smiles. Twice today people smiled at me like they knew me, when I am quite certain that they didn’t.  My memory for people is not great since the sheer number of students I have had … Continue reading

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Setting the Alarm

And so the long weekend is over. I suppose I should question whether I used my time well. I suppose I should ask myself if I could have spent the day any better. I suppose I could have. I could … Continue reading

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No Need To Set The Alarm

I was doing all those things I normally do on a Sunday night.  I reached for the alarm clock to check the alarm time.  Over the weekend, I set it later than during the week.  During the week, I have … Continue reading

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…And Dreams Ensued

It is pretty early to declare Today’s Perfect Moment, but I had a moment early this morning which needs reflecting on. Every morning, a little before six, my cat wakes me up and demands his breakfast. He can be quite … Continue reading

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