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Some Life Updates–Whether you want them or not

Just thought I would catch you up on the things happening with me. Readers of this blog and people following my Instagram will know that I have often posted pictures of sunrises. In the summer months, my walk to the … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day and Ducks

Mother’s Day Brunch.  I can’t rightly say that it is a tradition in our family.  However, for the last few years it has been.  We head off to Oakville and join people with boats, or relatives of people with boats … Continue reading

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My Daily Museum

My bus route is a trip down one street, and in the early morning hours, it seemed like I was traveling down one wing of a museum dedicated to construction. There was roadwork to the right of me.  There were … Continue reading

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How Long is 30 Minutes?

  A student from one of the classes I substituted for recently asked me “how long is half an hour?” Having patience, I quickly answered that it was 30 minutes.  I walked away from the encounter thinking I had answered … Continue reading

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January …..Goodbye!

January is done and I am not sure I have a lot to show for it. I didn’t write down any of my resolutions despite resolving to do a number of things this year. I guess I didn’t take the … Continue reading

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2015 in a nutshell

On the Blogs First off, I want to thank everyone who visited my blog in 2015. Though I wrote slightly more than half the posts I wrote in 2014, I had twice as many page views.  While some of that … Continue reading

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Cagney Double Bill

Having arrived home late last night, I was too tired to post yesterday’s Perfect Moment. That isn’t really a bad thing because it gave me a little time to reflect on it.  As many bloggers will attest, reflection pre and … Continue reading

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Nostalgia, Thy Name is Ramen

This is the story of how I ended up eating a bowl of spicy ramen instead of sitting on the couch watching the baseball game. This is the story of indulging in nostalgia while indulging in a meal. Don’t read … Continue reading

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