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Happy New Year and Thank You

The New Year looms and I feel the pressure to write some fantastic end of year blog. Is it just me, or does every one of us feel the same way? I have read so many end of year wrap-ups … Continue reading

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Three Words, Backed by Action, Could Change Everything

I’ve made resolutions in the past and sometimes kept them. I’ve made lists of accomplishments that I wanted to do, and met some of them.  However, I was often more preoccupied with the failures and this didn’t really seem like … Continue reading

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So That’s It for 2017

Around this time, people are either summing up last year, or thinking ahead to the new year. If I am actually being honest, most people summed up last year by the stroke of midnight last night.  Kudos to them.  I … Continue reading

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Dissecting The Year That Was

Iwant to write one last piece about 2016; a look back if you will.  My next post will look ahead to what 2017 is all about.  After I write it, I will link it to here. If I look at … Continue reading

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The Last Post of the Year

It’s the end of 2016. I have nothing overly profound to say and no resolutions I wish to make public.  In fact, I haven’t made any and I am not sure that I will.  All I really know is that … Continue reading

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