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What Happens at the Grocery Store

If you read yesterday’s post you will know that I had to head out to the library and return a book. I managed to do that.  The only problem is that I see the library the same way a child … Continue reading

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Random Things

On my way to meet my friends, a woman approached me on the subway.  It was after traditional dinner time, so I probably shouldn’t fault her for being heavily intoxicated.  She claimed to be a biker, but that didn’t really … Continue reading

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A Moment Lacking Perfection

I almost missed the signs. The day started out okay, but maybe I got too ambitious. Maybe I just wanted to do too much.  Maybe, I should have realized that the day had other plans for me. I got to … Continue reading

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In Darkest Night….

  Today’s Perfect Moment comes courtesy of either lingering Yule feeling or collective laziness. Since it provided a wonderful moment, who am I to quibble over the circumstances. This evening saw me on an quick errand for milk. This is … Continue reading

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