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Poor Planning

So the snags continue and my confidence in G Adventures plummets.  Instead of getting to Medellin last night,  we took a hotel in a dangerous neighborhood in Bucaramanga.   We left for the airport in the morning,  but our midday flight … Continue reading

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Misfits’ Christmas

The coworkers that I like and I found ourselves with a few extra moments to gab yesterday. This doesn’t happen much because our schedules are not synched together very well.  Also, since the start of the union drive and subsequent … Continue reading

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Rain on my Awning

It should come as no surprise that weather is fickle. However, based on the fact that my students complain about it as much as they do, and that they spend an inordinate amount of time telling me that the weather … Continue reading

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What’s One More Day of Winter?

  Is it schadenfreude when you’re not laughing at the misery of others, but laughing at their overreactions to things? It may seem cruel, but it gave me a bit of smirk. You see, on this day, April 6th, it … Continue reading

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Both Sides of the Coin

Friday’s Perfect Moment is special in that it came conveniently packaged with its opposite. It came at me with its one-two punch.  Though I don’t really like gun metaphors, it was a double barrel shotgun blast.  Fortunately, the good came … Continue reading

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Apart from not being centred well, I have finally figured out what is wrong with this picture.  I am no expert, but I am pretty sure I shouldn’t have to start and end my commute under moonlight. Since this will … Continue reading

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