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What I Woke Up To

I woke up to: Anticipation. It was the season opener for the Notre Dame football team.  While I have more anticipation for the Leafs opening game, this is good second one as far as sports is concerned.  I hadn’t done … Continue reading

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Cat Snuggles

I wasn’t feeling down or anything.  I was pretty upbeat.  Maybe I was a little tired.  I’m not sure.  All I know is my cat decided to come up and give me some snuggles.  Maybe he knows more than I … Continue reading

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Kitty Kats and Pastels

I’ve got two candidates for Today’s Perfect Moment. Maybe by writing them out, I will be able to choose. The first is testament to my cat. Today could have been a complete disaster. Either the alarm went off and I … Continue reading

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Elegance in Simplicity

From time to time, I have featured some of the tattoos my students are sporting. Since they come from a variety of countries and backgrounds, they sport a variety of tattoo forms and shapes.  I find some of them very … Continue reading

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Even More Proof that My Cat is Smarter Than I Am.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the past Sunday was the day when we changed our clocks here in Canada.  As result, the knowledge that my cat is smarter than I am was reconfirmed. I feed my cat twice … Continue reading

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Cat Moments

When it comes to picking Today’s Perfect Moment, I usually find it incredibly easy or incredibly hard. The incredibly easy days are when there is one clear moment, or one clear thing.  Usually I fixate on it as a source … Continue reading

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