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Epic Tour, Epic Rain, Epic Wind

The Epic Tour is over and I just thought I would try to sum up my thoughts on the whole endeavour. The Weather The Epic Tour had epic rain and epic wind. It also had a wet parking lot and … Continue reading

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Packed for the Big Ride

Tomorrow is the culmination of my cycling summer. My ride is only 125kms, but it should test me and my stamina. If it rains, it will also test my balance. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I am hoping to take … Continue reading

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When a Big Group Shows Up to Ride

This weekend’s ride featured something a bit different for me. Instead of the five or six riders in the “slow” group, there were eleven of us. It was great for the club to see such a big turnout on the … Continue reading

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Suddenly, It Has Become So Very Real

Earlier this year, probably in the middle of March, I signed up to ride 125 km.   There were longer alternatives (165 and 140 to be exact) and there were shorter alternatives. How I settled on 125 is not overly clear … Continue reading

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When I picked up my new bike a few months ago I had lots of plans.  I also had lots of things to buy.  I persevered on most of them, but one big one seemed out of reach.  I joined … Continue reading

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On the New Bike

Finally, after dithering and making up a lot of excuses and finding reasons not to ride, I did finally get on the bike.  I kitted up and raced out into the world.  It was my first day on my bike … Continue reading

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In Pen.

“You do the crossword in pen!?!” a colleague shouted, somewhat shocked, somewhat in awe–it might have been a question, but came out a bit like an accusation. I could have stumbled through my answer, or I could have answered with … Continue reading

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Advice sought from cyclists

One of the things I appreciate about my blogging on WP is that it seems much easier to get advice when I need it.  My other blog site does not seem to garner nearly enough response. Before I start ranting … Continue reading

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Going All In

Poker has made this phrase pretty popular, but I think it is more powerful when put to other uses.  For me, going all in means two important things wrapped up in my commitment to cycling this year. The first is … Continue reading

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Shiny New Wheels

A big part of the better me is improved all around fitness (and hopefully more weight loss).  I had a good year last year by changing my diet and getting out on my bike more often.  I lost about 20 … Continue reading

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