Searching Through Stores

Bosch | Orbital And Random Orbit Sanders - 2-Tool Set | Rona

I find it funny that sometimes you find a good deal, but then the store doesn’t have any in stock. I have two stories to tell you that illustrate this and they both centre around my plans to be handier and a better user of tools.

I caught site of a deal on a random orbital sander and a sheet sander (Bosch) being sold as a set for a price that I had seen for only one of them. Obviously, the sanders would be light on “extras” for that price. It wasn’t going to come with a 100 piece accessory kit. However, having seen some of these “bonus kits” I think I would rather buy my own anyway since they usually contain a lot of things I might never use. After scouting online, I realized that there was only one store in my area that had one…and it had only one in stock. I made plans to go there right away.

When I got to the store, I checked the hardware section but couldn’t find it. I made a couple of laps of the area, but was a bit stumped. I went to go find the employee call button and discovered the set sitting near the computer the clerk could use to find it for me. I thought that maybe the clerk was planning on buying it for him or herself. It might not be true, but that is how my cynical mind works. I scooped it up and headed for the cash.

440 lb Workbench | Princess Auto

The second example requires a bit of a backstory. After fixing my paper shredder twice in the space of two days–yes, I jammed it with paper twice, I thought I really should have a workbench to do some of these repairs on. taking apart the shredder on the floor of my guest bedroom/office really wasn’t conducive to good repairs–possible yes, but far from ideal.

I will eventually make a workbench (if I continue with this hobby) or I will buy something heavy duty when it goes on sale. Currently, I don’t have the tools to build one and I don’t have the money for some expensive workbench or tool box with a butcher block top. As it was, after combing lots of websites, I found one that had a good weight rating, but wasn’t too expensive.

The closest branch of the store didn’t have any (the website did not give me that information and calling seemed quite pointless). They were kind enough to direct me to a store that had two in stock. They suggested I call first before driving there. I called but got no answer–so I went.

Upon arrival at the store, a quick search proved fruitless. Consultation with the clerk started a ten minute search which yielded nothing. Then two clerks got involved and the search was on. It took a further 15 minutes (maybe more) to locate the benches. I had pretty much given up hope at that point

Getting the things home in my small car was also quite difficult. I won’t bore you with it, but the whole production could have made a great episode of Seinfeld.

I haven’t had time to assemble the benches yet, but I am sure I will write about it when done.

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4 Responses to Searching Through Stores

  1. retrodee says:

    I never want to get anything that needs to be assembled! That’s my nightmare!

  2. idlecyclist says:

    Over here Argos (a catalogue shop and website) are big culprits for this. You’re almost guaranteed that a really good offer will be out of stock in all stores. The cynic in me thinks they put the offers on when the stock is almost totally gone.

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