Righting a Wrong

20200128_232125It’s the little things that make you grumpy and it’s the little things that turn those frowns upside down. Now that my stomach is full of Chinese food, I can reflect more clearly on the day.  Several times today, my inner grouch threatened to come leaping out.  Sometimes my cat helped me keep it at bay, while at other times some wise words and lovely smile from my girlfriend did that.  However, Today’s Perfect Moment is the thing that extinguished a long held grumpiness from New Year’s Eve until now.

What? Could I really be carrying a grudge, or a feeling of being wronged all that time?  Obviously, that sounds ridiculous, but based on my reactions and thoughts, I can honestly say the negative feeling, while greatly diminished, had not completely gone away.  It wasn’t festering, but it was definitely there, waiting for some trigger.

You see, this evening, I decided to go out and get some Chinese food. I should explain that I am spoiled for choice in my small town.  There are lots of places to go, and while I can’t really go anywhere authentic or anywhere on the cutting edge, I can satisfy an appetite that was brought up on Canadian Chinese food.

I looked through the menus that I had and since my mother would be joining me for this meal, I was going to stick with the standards. Of all the menus that I had, the only one that had the discounted meal for two that contained all the things my Mom liked and that I could also eat was the same one we had ordered from on New Year’s Eve.  On that day, I had picked up the food rather than go for delivery because it suited my need to run a few errands en route.  While I was happy with the meal, I was upset because they forgot the two egg rolls that were supposed to be included in the meal.  At the time, I rather steamed; picture Joe Pesci in that scene from Lethal Weapon 2.  The weather was bad and it was cold outside.  I wasn’t about to go back there and demand my egg rolls.  I also blamed myself for making the rookie mistake of not checking my order–but the truth is that I rarely do.

Today, I wasn’t going to choose that place again–a sort of protest, but fate conspired against me. They were the only ones that offered what we wanted at that price.  Sure, I could have gone somewhere else and constructed that same meal, but it would have cost six or seven dollars more.  Like I said, it has been almost a month and while I felt grumpy about it, my anger was mostly gone and I didn’t feel like it was a stand worth seven dollars.

My subconscious had other ideas, though. When I was making my order, just after I finished, I couldn’t help but tell them to check the order carefully as I had not gotten my complete order on New Year’s Eve.  I am pretty sure my voice was icily sarcastic.  While I can’t be entirely sure, it wouldn’t be out of character for me.

What happened next is ….unusual in my experience. The voice on the phone line did not react to my sarcasm, but rather expressed concern and empathy and asked what happened.  She then apologized and offered to give me the egg rolls on this visit.

When I picked up the food, I got to meet the lovely young lady and I could see that she was in fact as genuine in person as she had been on the phone. My faith in customer service has been restored (if only temporarily).  Obviously Today’s Perfect Moment.

About Anthony

I am: equal parts rebel, romantic and shockingly average Joe. a writer trapped inside of an ESL teacher's body. an introverted attention seeker. a teacher who hopes one day to be called "Captain, my Captain." an intellectual who can do some very dumb things. a person whose Japan experience, despite being so long ago, still exerts a strong influence upon him. a lover of books, music, beer, hockey and Pizza.
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8 Responses to Righting a Wrong

  1. Aw, that’s a nice positive end to the tale. Sounds like she handled it brilliantly, and I’m glad you got your egg rolls. Also I’ve been craving a Chinese for days now, this hasn’t helped LOL! Hope you enjoyed!

  2. There’s something about getting the wrong food in my order that really just makes me SO upset! I don’t eat meat and I can’t even count the times I’ve gotten food delivered or picked it up and realized later they put meat in it. I think I’m just jaded now and any little error makes me mad now!

    • Anthony says:

      That must be horrible. One of my friends ordered a dish and asked if there was meat in it. The waitress said Absolutely not.
      When the dish came it had chunks of beef in it. She called the waitress over and asked for an explanation. The waitress replied “no meat. Beef. ” sometimes the world is strange.

  3. Hunida says:

    Aw yay!! Glad that she actually cared & gave you your egg rolls!! There really are some genuinely kind people out there. 🙂

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