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special blogger award

Claudette over at Writer of Words, Etc. Blog awarded me the Special Blogger Award. I appreciate the thought, and I am going to do my best to live up to some of what she has asked.

Generally these things come with questions you have to answer and then they ask you to nominate other bloggers and ask them questions. While I like answering questions–partly because it gives me something to write about, and partly because I chose this platform for expression and expected to have to divulge some information about myself. However, I am not particularly successful at getting other people to answer my questions. I usually spend a lot of time writing, what I believe to be, deep questions and then do not get any responses.

Thank you again Cluadette, my fellow Canadian and resident of the GTA. I highly recommend anyone reading this to click on her name, or the name of her blog above to take a look at her blog. She writes some good stuff and she has lots to give.

Answers to the questions.

  1. Name the book you’re currently reading.

It is called “That’s What Frenemies are For.” By Sophie LIttlefield and Lauren Gershell. I picked it up from the library because outside of a few Lisa Jewell novels, I realized that I do not read enough female authors. I also liked the use of the word Frenemies. It is a term I have come to know well. frenemies


The book isn’t rocking my world, but I am more than halfway through–so that means I am going to finish it. I usually read on the bus, but either my attention span has gotten poor, or the bus is just too crowded. Either way, I am finding it hard to really put away some pages.

  1. What is the best/favourite time of day to write your blog posts?

I don’t have a favourite time of day to blog. I generally do it late at night and as a result, I make a number of typing mistakes. Thankfully my girlfriend reads my blog tirelessly and she will suggest some changes for me.

  1. If money and time was no object, where you would you like to go on your next vacation?

Where wouldn’t I want to go. I would probably like to visit Japan again. It has been a while since I have been there and I would like to see it again before I lose all the Japanese I leaned.

  1. They’re planning to send some people to Mars. Putting aside all the complications involved with this trip, would it interest you to be a part of that group, and if so, why or why not?

If they would take me, I would definitely go. The idea of being the explorer of the final frontier is amazing.

  1. Name a tv show or movie you really didn’t like but were compelled to keep watching anyway, and explain why.

I really hated the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, and I wish I hadn’t seen that. I guess that’s not what you meant.

When I lived in Japan, the TV only broadcast 4 shows in English every week. One of them was Full House. I didn’t really like the program, but I watched it for a few weeks because I wanted to watch a TV show in English. For the record the other shows were Picket Fences (a great show) Star Trek TNG, and Little House on the Prairie.

Another show that I watched somewhat religiously while the whole time wondering if I should be doing so, was English Teachers Taiwan (or Taipei Diaries). Maybe it is because I am an ESL teacher and I have been to Taiwan…or maybe it is because it was such a train wreck. Since it aired late at night, I used to tape it (yes VHS tapes) and bring it into work. We would watch it as a group and criticize their teaching and wonder why they decided to make a show of people who really had such difficulty living in Taiwan. The show featured a cast of people who went to Taiwan for a variety of reasons–few of which seemed like good ideas–and were mostly unprepared for what they would find. For the three seasons of the show, only two characters managed to appear in all three seasons. As for what happened to the cast, I really have no idea.

  1. Describe the most challenging part of a relationship (current or past). Could be with anyone (family, friend, professional etc.)

Listening is always difficult. We say we are listening, but are we really? It has taken me a long time to understand this.

  1. Which politician today do you find most entertaining?

Sadly, no one is entertaining me. We elect people to work on our behalf, but most of them, if not all, seem to forget that we employ them. Without us, they would have no job. Also, there are some fundamental things that they should realize would be for the benefit of all of us. Why can’t they get some of that done?

  1. What is the most irksome thing you’ve come across in recent days?

I ride the bus to work, and the irksome behaviour is rampant. Feet, wet and dirty from snow, are put on the seats. Elderly people are not given seats. People drop there empty coffee cups on the bus floor. Basically, people not giving a rat’s ass for anyone but themselves. Irksome is a great word, but I would probably add a few expletives to give it a bit more strength.

  1. If someone placed two bowls of nuts in front of you, one with shells and a nutcracker, one without shells, which bowl would you choose to eat?

I suppose the ones without shells. I’ve been cracking walnuts at Christmas for so long that I would gladly take a break.

  1. What’s the first word that pops into your mind when you hear the word Toronto?

Multicultural. Also Maple Leafs…but that’s two words.

Bloggers for you to check out

Below is a list of bloggers you could take a look at. I’m not going to write anything about them, partly because I should be in bed, but you don’t need my take on them. Your first reaction should be your first reaction.

It should also be noted that I am not nominating them for this award. They can have it if they want, but I just want you to check them out.

Observations of an Oddity

The Intrepid Arkasawyer

Some Kind of 50  

Retro Dee

 Now to sleep.

About Anthony

I am: equal parts rebel, romantic and shockingly average Joe. a writer trapped inside of an ESL teacher's body. an introverted attention seeker. a teacher who hopes one day to be called "Captain, my Captain." an intellectual who can do some very dumb things. a person whose Japan experience, despite being so long ago, still exerts a strong influence upon him. a lover of books, music, beer, hockey and Pizza.
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12 Responses to Special Blogger

  1. Thank you for participating Anthony, those are great answers! I never did get into the How I Met Your Mother sitcom… 🙂

    I’ll check out one of the blogs you mentioned, I’m already familiar with the other two, and I want to take a look at your book too.

    Keep blogging! 🙂

  2. Jinjer says:

    I am honored to be mentioned, Anthony! Thank you! I”m in a bit distracted right now (following the Visitin’ Kitteh around to make sure she doesn’t rip, tear, or break Mom’s nice things) but will be back to comment on your answers to the questions later. Have a great day!

    • Anthony says:

      Please don’t worry. I didn’t really pass on the award and write questions. I just want to use my tiny speck of influecer like power to help others.

      • Jinjer says:

        Sorry I meant I would be back to comment on YOUR answers to the questions you were asked. And here I am!

        I hope you make it back to Japan. I have a Japanese friend and an open invitation to visit him over there, but a. I’m terrified of flying so I would really, REALLY want to go to whatever country I was flying to and b. unfortunately, Japan is nowhere near the top of my list of places I’d like to visit. Nothing against Japan, mind you. It’s just not MY cup of tea. I once had a boss who told me she once went to Japan on a whim. She needed an adventure so she just walked into the airport and looked at the outgoing flights and chose the very next one with a seat available, no matter where it was going. It was goig to Japan. She spoke absolutely no Japanese but people there were very helpful and she had no major problems.

        Taipei Diaries actually sounds like a good show! LOL

  3. retrodee says:

    Congratulations Anthony! Personally, I love answering questions, but I don’t like asking people stuff (I feel like I’m bugging them) so it can be hairy being nominated for awards sometimes! But you did a fab job accepting and answering for this award. 🙂

  4. Bryan Fagan says:

    This was a fun read. Happy you did this.

  5. Pingback: Two Perfect Moments Today | Today's Perfect Moment

  6. You have an amazing blog 😊

  7. Sarah Warsi says:

    Congratulations on the award, Anthony. Well deserved. 🙂

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