The Grey Cup

DeVier Posey

Today’s Perfect Moment is the simple joy of watching football with my family. Today was the 107th Grey Cup–that is the championship for Canadian, 3-down, football.  As is often the case, I spent it with my father and brother watching the game and commenting on things familiar and farther afield.

Our team is the Toronto Argonauts, but they had been eliminated from contention since pretty much the first game of the season. While that is technically not true, I had not expected to be cheering for them on this day since they were dismal from the start.  Instead we watched the Winnipeg Blue Bombers take on the Hamilton Tiger-cats.  While Hamilton is geographically closer, they have been a Toronto rival for too long to ever let me root for them.  So, in its most superficial way, I was rooting for the Blue Bombers.

This lack of team engagement meant that the male members of the family could engage in conversation….or yelling–sometimes those two things are one in the same in my family. It doesn’t seem to matter how many of us are together in the same room, the volume always seems to get raised.

grey cup

The game itself was mildly exciting, and the nods to CFL history were good. If only there had been snow on the field.

Don’t you wish big sporting events were held on Saturday’s to allow for a bit more recovery?

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3 Responses to The Grey Cup

  1. Why are all the pertinent games scheduled for Sundays? It’s like some sort of conspiracy… 🙂

    • Anthony says:

      I just think it’s poor planning.

      • You’re probably right. I didn’t even watch it… 🙂

        I was nominated for a blogging award by another Canadian blogger and decided to play along. I thought I’d nominate you next. There is no obligation to participate, it’s up to you, but if you’re interested, the details are on my blog. 🙂

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