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Sunday had a more leisurely pace than usual because I knew that Monday was also a day off.  Despite the cool temperatures, the complete absence of fall colours, and the smattering of snow, I took a leisurely walk with my girlfriend and poked around a bunch of stores that I would not usually enter.

Okay, as I read what I have just typed I am going to have to take that back. I enter all kinds of stores and places out of sheer curiosity.  I am always hoping that I can find something unique, or something that no one else knows about.  Sometimes, I don’t even want to buy anything, I just want to know what’s there.

I like poking around stores from different countries, odd dollar stores, and stores that seem to combine things that normally shouldn’t be combined.  You never know what you will come across.

One of my best friends says that when he goes shopping, he’s “like a surgeon.” He’s in and out of the store in the shortest amount of time.  If I am shopping, I would agree.  Though, usually, I am not actually shopping.  I am just looking around–and that can be time consuming.

Yesterday didn’t reveal any huge finds. I did manage to find the perfect travel sink stopper–because hotels don’t want you washing things in their sinks.  I found a bakery that made some delicious looking cakes, but the lack of service and the price by the pound nature of the place put me off.  I know better places.  I found some interesting shaving cream, but I am not sure it’s worth the price.

The Perfect Moment of the Day is not finding some treasure, but knowing that my girlfriend accepts this behaviour and will take part in it as well. I am okay with me wasting my time on these flights of fancy, but I wouldn’t want to drag an unwilling person on it as well.  As it was, she had a good time and she might have found a few things that she liked as well.

Does anybody else like to poke around odd shopping places?

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2 Responses to Curiosity

  1. Alien Resort says:

    I like going to Walmart. How amazing that you can get everything you need in one place. The low prices are just icing on the cake.

  2. lkvy says:

    Stores? No, but I was delighted to find the Bradford Exchange catalogue in the mail yesterday. $130 wolf clock? Yes, please!

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