Signs of Progress

20191029_105713Transportation projects irk me. I think it is because they promise so much but take so much time and inconvenience so many people.  Every day I need to go to work or go south on Yonge Street, I think the same thing; When is it going to be finished.

To be fair, it is a big undertaking and even as I type that, I realize it might even be bigger than I imagine. Moving stuff from under the roadway and rewiring stuff, and making sure at least one side of the street had access was probably no small feat.  It just didn’t seem like anything was getting done for a while.

I just figured that they would throw a thousand people at the project and get it done. Instead, I saw small clusters of people outside the bus window, and most of the time they were just standing around and appearing not to be doing anything.  Since none of them made eye contact with anyone in the bus, I suspect that they were aware of this fact too.

I am sure the plan will be great when it is completed, but when will that be? Additionally, will it already be out of date by the time it gets done?

The subway is extending north to meet this bus line. By the time it gets built, they will probably realize that the mall two stops away would have been a better ending point.  If I had been them, I would have proposed the mall kick in some money to get a stop.  It could only increase mall traffic.

Apart from all of this, finally this week, we saw some progress. I tried to take some pictures from the bus to illustrate.  I hope you get the idea.  I can’t call it Today’s Perfect Moment, but it was at least This Week’s Positive Moment.

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