Pair Looks

20191018_193426I don’t know whether it is coincidence, or fate, or that I just happened to see the connections that at other times I am completely oblivious to, but on Friday, I completely saw the connection.

Earlier in the day, my students and I were discussing the phenomenon of couples dressing similarly or identically. I had explained that I had seen a group of people in Taiwan where all the couples were wearing the same clothes.  Someone told me that was a honeymoon custom.  My Korean students said that wearing identical clothes for couples was “old fashioned” but that some couples wear “similar clothes” to show they were a couple.  I let the student continue on with the discussion as I monitored.  Little did I know that the theme of this discussion would later appear in my universe.

The weather has grown cooler in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and I was wearing my 2010 Vancouver Olympics hoodie.  It was a gift from my father.  I am not 100% sure, but I think it was a Christmas gift because I seem to remember several of the men in the family with the same shirt–my father shops in sets, meaning that family members usually sport the pair look my students decried as old fashioned.  We’ve all got the same toques, sweatshirts, hoodies, scarves, and T-shirts.

As I said, I was wearing my hoodie. It is black with CANADA proudly emblazoned on the front.  When my students first saw it, they asked me if I attended the Winter Olympic Games.  I decided to lie and told them that I was on Canada’s Olympic team and that I wore this during the opening ceremonies.–a few of them believed me until I explained that my event was axe-throwing and that I was disqualified for hitting the referee.

After work, I entered the subway and saw a woman wearing the same hoodie, only hers was in red. I mused out loud that woman had good taste in clothes.  She was reading a book and didn’t register my comment at first.  A few seconds later, she looked up and asked me what I said.  We had a short chat and she said something rather interesting about people not starting conversations on the subway anymore, or talking to strangers.  I suppose this is true, but some people, like my mother, (and myself to some extent) seem to do that a lot.  I suppose the custom has not died out completely.  In fact, I had a conversation with a man at the bus stop earlier in the morning.  He was a landscaper headed to the repair shop to pick up his truck.

I should also note that both of our hoodies looked quite good despite being ten years old.

Ah Universe, I don’t always see the narrative, but I eventually get the picture.

About Anthony

I am: equal parts rebel, romantic and shockingly average Joe. a writer trapped inside of an ESL teacher's body. an introverted attention seeker. a teacher who hopes one day to be called "Captain, my Captain." an intellectual who can do some very dumb things. a person whose Japan experience, despite being so long ago, still exerts a strong influence upon him. a lover of books, music, beer, hockey and Pizza.
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2 Responses to Pair Looks

  1. retrodee says:

    I like this Anthony! Especially the part when you joked about being in the Olympics. 🙂 I never dressed alike with my boyfriends, but I had a good gal friend and we’d always dress in similar colors or styles or at least something that showed people on Girls Night Out that we were best friends!

  2. John says:

    Ive never known couples to dress alike. I did not know that was a “thing”.
    As I travel a lot on public transport thanx to the free travel pass on every bus and train on the island, chatting is sometimes a mixed blessing. The results seem to be that people who seemed unlikely conversationalists turn out to be interesting and leave the bus too early while others who seem to be likely conversationalists turn out to be deadly dull and stay on the train forever.
    Unfortunately I cannot “edit” myself and tend to say more than I want to say.
    There is a kinda body language, a kinda hint that the person sitting opposite might want to say something.
    There is always an irony factor…my sense of humour is appreciated by people like myself but leaves others cold. The “axe throwing Olympian” is the kinda thing that I would say….but really there are three possible reactions.
    Some people will know immediately that it is not true. laugh along with me and know that I have not lied.
    Others will initially fall for it but thru cues and clues, will get it and think its funny.
    But there is a third kinda person who takes everything literally and is genuinely offended if they feel it was a lie.
    Again talking even on a short journey is problematic. ESpecially so with young women. I think tourists are more open to conversation because it is part of the experience.

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