Where Are We Going?


My cycling club does an admirable job of maintaining their website. They even send out quite a bit of email about upcoming events.  I don’t always pay attention to it all, but I did note that something special was going to happen this weekend.  All the groups were to converge on a tiny community centre that has hosted events before (forgive me, but I do not know the name of it–I’ve been there before to try on the club kit.  I’ve ridden past it a few times.  I even know what road it is on…but…..).  Another group was going to do some cleaning of the roadway near there as a community service and then depart on fast ride to the lake and back.

As I entered the usual start location, much of this was all unclear to me. I don’t own a Garmin, and I don’t have a lot of data on my phone package, so I use a pretty basic cycling computer and then compare with Strava after I get home.  I don’t download the routes and often only have a vague clue as to where we are.  I know the major roads, but not much else.

june 8 ride



Waiting in the start location, I gathered together with the C group. I recognized a few faces from last year, but I did not see anyone I had been riding with for the last few weeks.  As it turned out, nobody was there to guide the C group.  One of the other leaders, perhaps due to a sexist upbringing asked me if I knew the area well.  I say that because my group consisted of myself, one newly-joined male rider, and four women.  Of the four women, three competed in triathlons and the third was a soccer player.  So not only was geographically challenged, I was also the least fit.

Fortunately, Marina, took charge and pulled out her iPhone that had the route on it.  She led this ragtag group out of the parking lot and on our way.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have a mount on her bike for the phone and had to rely on voice cues.  At first, there were quite hard to hear.


What does all this have to do with anything? Well, basically, we were meant to reach the community centre on the loop back but ended up hitting it on the outbound lap.  When we arrived the cookies and donuts were out, but the coffee had not been made.  This did not bother me as I had had enough coffee, and just wanted to top off my water bottle.

In addition to the snacks, the club also was giving out sunscreen and providing everyone with a chance to try on the club kit and order more of it. I had originally planned on wearing the club colours this year, but when they didn’t have my size at the original fitting, I decided against it and allocated my funds elsewhere.


There’s a Geese crossing sign on my route.

The rest of the ride was quite good. Most of the group was the same speed so we stuck together quite well.  I don’t think a C group should be dropping anyone.  It wasn’t particularly hilly as my Strava stats indicate, but it was picturesque. I hope the photos I have included will show that.  Additionally, some of the tarmac was quite smooth.

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