Some Kind of Soup For The Soul

soup on white ceramic soup bowl

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Today’s Perfect Moment is a simple act of kindness.  And through this act, their true nature has been shown.

If you read one of yesterday’s posts (here) you’ll know that I have been feeling under the weather since Wednesday afternoon.  While I am definitely on the mend, the effects of my cold have not left me completely.  I won’t go into detail–partly because everyone knows what a cold is like and partly because you don’t need a vivid description of my symptoms.  I have been doing everything I can, but I haven’t shaken it completely yet.

Today, in an effort to help me get over it, a friend brought me some homemade soup.  They also had to truck it with them on the bus and subway–no mean feat in itself.  I would have been fearful of spilling it.

I wonder where the idea of eating soup when you have a cold comes from.  It is advice I heard all through my childhood.  In fact, my mother suggested (rather strongly) that I have some chicken soup for dinner a couple of nights ago.  I brushed off the suggestion rather cavalierly.  This might be because it was canned soup with probably too much sodium, or I just wanted to be contrary.  Being honest, it was probably more of the latter than the former–a lot more.

Needless to say, I did not brush off the offer of homemade soup being brought to me.  And I have to admit that it did make me feel better for a while.  I did not take a picture of the soup (some blogger I am) but I ate every last drop of it.  I hope I thanked the person adequately enough.  I certainly appreciate the effort and I am amazed at their kindness.

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2 Responses to Some Kind of Soup For The Soul

  1. Jinjer says:

    That is definitely a good friend to lug soup around via public transportation. Reminds me of the time one of the guys I worked for brought his famous homemade chili to work via the train and subway. He was coming up the escalator, probably thinking “Almost there! Just gotta cross Olive and I’m there!” when he dropped it. In the subway station. On the escalator. Only one tiny tupperware container of chili survived and made it to the Halloween potluck. Luckily I got in there early and got some of it. 😉 Feel better!!!

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