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I generally gravitate more towards fiction than non-fiction. I also usually post these reviews in the “What I’ve Read” section of the blog.  I guess some things have to change.

I was browsing the new books at the library when I came across Apocalypse Child by Flor Edwards. The title and front picture were pretty grabbing.  I also have two students named Flor at the moment, so that was extra encouraging.

The book was an account of her young life living in an alternative religious order–some might say cult. As it was written from a child’s point of view, it didn’t contain all the anger and bitterness that I would have expected.  In fact, it was quite fascinating to read about how a child who was born into it viewed that kind of life, as opposed to an adult or and older child who might have come to it later.

I had been in a bit of a reading slump, and I was looking for something different to read. I had even tried to read a book to help me change my career–I gave up after 20 pages that could have been written in one.  This book, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air.  It was different and it was a lovely read.

The subject matter is quite fascinating and the writing is quite precise. Now, anyone looking for a tell all expose on this “cult” will be disappointed.  The book focuses on the day to day lives of this huge family and what they gave up and what they gained to follow the charismatic leader.  It is more about the struggle to live than it is about the struggle to believe.  Sure there were some harrowing moments, some last minute escapes, even some difficult moments.  There were, however, some moments of joy and true family bonding.

I am sure the details of the group are available online somewhere.  After reading the story, I am quite curious.

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