Rowdiness on the Bus


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Today’s commute was nothing if not dramatic.  Somewhere in the last half, a fight broke out.  One gentleman wanted another sleepy gentleman to remove his bag because it was taking up a window seat.  I don’t think he was asking him to carry it, but rather move it to another unoccupied seat.

Well, threats of punches to the throat were issued.  Bravado of the “go ahead and make my day” type were issued and a scuffle broke out.

Before you start wondering how this could possibly be considered Today’s Perfect Moment, you needn’t worry.  while I do enjoy a good hockey fight from time to time, I don’t enjoy a tussle on the bus.  There are enough angry people on my bus to fight about anything, but it doesn’t make for a good commute.  In this case, it meant we had to wait for the cops to show up and I got to work about 30 minutes later than normal.

What made this Today’s Perfect Moment was how fast people stepped in to break it apart and keep the two people separated.  I give them lots of kudos for putting their bodies on the line to calm the situation down.  You always hear about people not wanting to get involved, but that certainly wasn’t the case on my bus.


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