The Snow Danced


It is not often that perfect moments happen in the morning. It is, after all, morning.  However, yesterday was an exception worth noting.

I alit from the bus last because I had become absorbed in my book and needed time to get my act together. What greeted me was unexpected, and therefore, wholly appreciated.IMG_20180208_175759065_HDR

The cold winter morning with painful shard like snowflakes had transformed into a warmer one, with fluffy flakes swirling around, as if choreographed for a waltz. Even the monstrous buildings, whose often glaring lights cast a horrible pall on the bus terminal, looked perfect in the early, though not sunrise, lights.

I later celebrated the day with milk and cookies.



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I am: equal parts rebel, romantic and shockingly average Joe. a writer trapped inside of an ESL teacher's body. an introverted attention seeker. a teacher who hopes one day to be called "Captain, my Captain." an intellectual who can do some very dumb things. a person whose Japan experience, despite being so long ago, still exerts a strong influence upon him. a lover of books, music, beer, hockey and Pizza.
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12 Responses to The Snow Danced

  1. Those are the BEST biscuits!! I’d have had a cup of tea, but anything goes with those biscuits! Have a great weekend 😄

  2. Heide says:

    Are those by chance Le Petit Écolier cookies? If so you’ve just captured *my* perfect moment as well. 🙂

    • Anthony says:

      These are Leclerc Celebration butter cookies and chocolate. They look very similar (eerily similar). Celebration is the name of more of their cookies (with accents over the two e’s)
      This company is from Quebec. I looked to see if they were somehow joined with LU, but apparently not.
      I notice that LU has some dark chocolate ones like these. They must be fantastic.
      Also, I used to love Alfort cookies in Japan. Same idea. Milk chocolate on a butter cookie (maybe shortbread)
      Please have some cookies this weekend.

      • Heide says:

        Wow! Those Leclerc cookies really do look trademark-infringingly close to the LU cookies! The dark chocolate ones are indeed fantastic and are one of my absolute favorite treats when I’m lucky enough to be in France. But as you say, anything that combines chocolate and butter cookies is welcome. 🙂

      • Anthony says:

        I suppose it might be difficult to trademark cookies and chocolate. Also, since both products have been around for more than 100 years, I wonder what protection can be afforded them?

      • Heide says:

        NO PROTECTION can be afforded to any of these cookies, Anthony. At least not while I’m around. 😀

      • Anthony says:

        So, I went to the store today. I picked up some of those cookies (the Leclerc version) with dark chocolate. Sorry to make you hungry.
        Then I noticed that PC has very similar cookies called …..wait for it….coronation. They have some kind of musical horn stamped into the chocolate. I would have bought them, but they were 50 cents more. Maybe next time.

      • Anthony says:

        Ooooops! They are called President’s Choice (the store brand) Concerto cookies. Sorry.

      • Anthony says:

        Okay, after some research, the Celebration version has 45% cocoa, and the Concerto has 70%–Now I am feeling that I should have bought the Concerto ones.

      • Heide says:

        Sorry to see you’re having buyer’s remorse, Anthony. But cocoa content is overrated sometimes. How did the Celebration cookies *taste*?

      • Anthony says:

        They were delicious.😁

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