The Death of My Bib Shorts

bibshorts 003

Despite my best efforts, some days I have to write about today’s terrible moment (lower case letters purposefully chosen) rather than Today’s Perfect Moment. By the end of the day, I am sure I will have decided upon and concentrated on that perfect moment, but for this brief moment, and I am sorry if it offends any of my readers, I need to rant a bit.

I was just getting my cycling gear sorted out and I realized that my bib shorts have died. There gone.  Done.  Finished.  Sigh. They were only two years old.  They’ve been warn on two continents.  They’re only two years old!  (I know, I already said that, but you can imagine my frustration.)

In what is the start of the season, I have go out and get new equipment. Groan.  Buying cycling shorts is probably my least favourite activity in all of cycling.  This includes changing and pumping up a tire, fixing the chain,  or any other maintenance.  Having to squeeze into unfamiliar stretchy clothes, usually in a cramped dressing room in a cycle shop really isn’t fun.  Maybe it would be better if I could black out the mirror until I got the whole thing on.  I also hate answering that question, ‘how are you doing in there?“.  How do you answer that one?

Then there’s the cost. Good cycling bibs aren’t cheap.  I know you get what you pay for, but I could probably buy four cheap ones at the price I paid for these.  These are Sugoi RSE–for the record.

I thought I was treating my shorts right. When I washed them I put them in a protective bag.  My washer doesn’t even have the traditional centre agitator for the bib to get caught and stretched on.

I think maybe I am taking this too personally.

I did like my kit, but I would love to hear your recommendations.  What bib shorts do you wear?  Please share this with other cyclists as I have to start shopping soon (tomorrow actually) and I would love a lot of feedback.  Please keep in mind, I am in Canada and only have access to retailers who sell in Canada (which is why I can’t get a Bicycling Jersey from the magazine that I so desperately want).


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11 Responses to The Death of My Bib Shorts

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Try Nashbar (based in Ohio – Their Cavelo line, especially the red, white, black and green kit is EXCEEDINGLY awesome. Standard sizes (medium is a medium, etc.). Cannondale bibs are EXCELLENT as well but run small (I wear a medium and need a large for Cannondale bibs). The Cannondale chamois is spectacular. Next up is Gore. They make a great bib but the chamois is a little on the thin side. If you like a lot of padding, don’t bother. Finally, anything by Specialized is second to nothing. Their shorts last longer and wear better than anything else I own.

    Good luck, man.

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Oh yeah, brother you need more than one pair of bibs! I have six in rotation and two pair of shorts.

    • Anthony says:

      Six seems like a lot….but then you put more miles in than I do. I definitely need more. I am just not sure I can afford the cost.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Check out the sale prices at Nashbar… I bought four pair of bibs just a couple of months ago for less than $160 total. I bought the whole Cavelo kit, jersey and bibs, the year before for $120 the year before. The shorts are both Specialized ($135 and $140 each pair) but were purchased three and five years ago. The old pair is pretty much relegated to trainer duty and are very close to retirement, but FIVE years is a lot of use for a pair of shorts. They have some miles on them. 😉

  3. I’m not a cyclist; I’m a walker (once runner) and dancer, but I understand your frustration. I’ll have to ask my son – he bikes to work (from a small town to San Francisco (20+ miles) several times a week. But he’s never mentioned bib short frustration! 🙂

  4. PedalWORKS says:

    I also have 6 (maybe more) pair of bibs and cycle through them. You need several pair. I wear Garneau products (mostly). They fit me, and wear well. Garneau have regular season end and holiday sales with great discounts. That’s when I shop with savings of up to 40-50%.

  5. Craig Allen says:

    I usually buy altura Anthony I have a pair that are about to celebrate their fith birthday and they still look sprightly. So if you can get hold of them then that is my recommendation.

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