Indulgence on Two Fronts

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Yesterday was a long working day. If that sounds like a complaint, you’re wrong.  Besides this blog not being Today’s Whiny Moment, I actually like working.  I am grateful that there is extra work available.  I’ve got bills to pay, and a little bit more teaching for a roof over my head isn’t going to kill me.  If I do too much of it, the students may suffer under my wrath, but I’ll be okay.

Once I get off that righteous soapbox, I should also say that a long working day wears me out like everyone else. I got home feeling exhausted with bills to contemplate.  So, what did I do?  I participated in a little bit of food and TV indulgence, that’s what.

I had taped the Paris Roubaix bicycle race earlier in the day (one day after it officially happened–thanks Canadian sports channels for giving up on cycling this year) and sat down to watch it as I unwound. Two hours of a cycling race may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it fascinating.  As for food indulgence,  what better compliment that peanut butter and chocolate ice-cream.  That was yesterday’s Perfect Moment.


About Anthony

I am: equal parts rebel, romantic and shockingly average Joe. a writer trapped inside of an ESL teacher's body. an introverted attention seeker. a teacher who hopes one day to be called "Captain, my Captain." an intellectual who can do some very dumb things. a person whose Japan experience, despite being so long ago, still exerts a strong influence upon him. a lover of books, music, beer, hockey and Pizza.
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2 Responses to Indulgence on Two Fronts

  1. Brittany says:

    I’m craving the feeling that comes from a long work day. I have long work days, but they don’t leave me energized like past jobs. I’m also craving this ice cream now. 🙂

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