Really?! On My Banana?

I know this blog is all about positivity and finding the best part of the day, but sometimes, I just need to get something off my chest. Sometimes things, even barely significant things, weigh on you and venting them seems like the best option.  I promise it won’t get too ranty….and maybe there is a chuckle in here somewhere.

bananas 002.jpg

So this morning, while organizing my lunch for work (I don’t brown bag it exactly…I have a lunch sack) I came across the picture above. That’s right.  There was advertising on my banana.

I’ll let that sink in.

There was advertising on my banana.

When did this happen? Who decided that bananas were a place to advertise anything, let along a Disney movie?  I get it.  Parents want their kids to be healthy, so they’ll pack them a banana for lunch.  The kid gets advertised to.  Kind of subliminal, no?  I wonder if the parents have caught on yet?

Skipping past that, though I am not sure we should, let’s get back to who decided this question. Was there leftover advertising money and someone said, “I know, bananas.”  Who needs Super Bowl commercials when I can advertise on bananas?  Why not apples?  Why not peaches?  Is it something about the colour yellow? Is there some connection to Beauty and the Beast I am unaware of?  Wouldn’t tea have been more appropriate?

I guess if I worked in marketing, I might think this was genius. It’s new and different.  It gets to the target market.  It probably isn’t that expensive.  I mean, the stickers got to go on anyway, so what if they contain ads?

Perhaps, I should be so condemning, If there is money to spend on banana advertising, maybe there is money to fund this blog.  Maybe there is money to send me on more cycling trips.


I checked my bananas and not all of the stickers contain advertising.  Does that mean there wasn’t a big enough budget?  Does that mean that only select bananas were graced with the sticker ads?  It gets more confusing with each passing moment.

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19 Responses to Really?! On My Banana?

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Now yer thinkin’!

  2. Sarah Warsi says:

    hehe this is too funny! But yes, it is quite the creative way to market. Another interesting approach is the Five Alive juice boxes. They actually have text written on the side of the box (I think they are advertising something) but the text actually speaks directly to the reader saying, “Hello, friendly side-of-juice-box reader, to rewards your wandering eyes…” etc. lol the fact that they have written something that literally speaks to the consumer is just brilliant.

  3. Mike Kergon says:

    How is it any different than a box of Fruitloops using real estate in their boxes for movie promotions. I think it rather genius. I bet it started with the Minnion Movie…

  4. Heide says:

    “There was advertising on my banana. I’ll let that sink in. THERE WAS ADVERTISING ON MY BANANA.” I’m so sorry for laughing just a little bit when I read that, Anthony — it was just too absurd. But like others pointed out this kind of “cross-promotion” is pretty common now. Though honestly I have no idea what the connection is between beauties, beasts and bananas. Perhaps I’ll go see the film in hopes of figuring it out. 🙂

  5. Because inquiring minds — mine anyways — need to know, I looked it up. Turns out the stickers … on second thought, I’ll attach the link so you and/or anyone else driven to knowledge can read it … in the meantime, fun post!

    • Anthony says:

      Well, that’s interesting. According to that website, the contest is only open to most US states. As a Canadian, I guess I just got that sticker by mistake.

  6. Seems so. Easy to imagine the challenge (in logistics, time) for a mass supplier such as Dole to separate shipments destined for the northern continent! The company would go, well, bananas!

  7. elle says:

    Hahaha! I noticed this the other day, too. i turned over my royal Hawaiian pineapple and…oh, hello Beauty and the Beast! I was really confused as to what on earth that had to do with a pineapple. Glad I’m not the only one 😛

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